Scrumptious Cookie Delight Bites

 Cornflake CrispCornflake Crisp Delight Bites
A delightful buttery crisp cookie with cornflake cereal bits.  Yum!     
14 ounces - $9.95

 Choc Chip MacadamiaChocolate Chip Macadamia Delight Bites  -Chocolate chip morsels and Roasted Hawaiian macadamias make this a scrumptious delight!    14 ounces - $9.95

 DBL Chocolate Macadamia ShortbreadDouble Chocolate Chip Delight Bites- A Chocolate lover's treasure!  Roasted Hawaiian macadamias, melted chocolate and chocolate chip morsels make this buttery and crisp cookie so delicious!   14 ounces - $9.95

 Macadamia ShortbreadMacadamia Shortbread Delight Bites - Sweet Roasted Hawaiian Macadamias added to our famous butter shortbread cookie recipe make this cookie a wonderfully scrumptious delightful!  14 ounces - $9.95